Do I Need Insurance To Drive Car Off The Lot?

Do I Need Insurance To Drive Car Off The Lot?

What good would your car insurance be if it’s financially taxing or inadequate to pay for losses when you need it the most? While the highest safety on roads comes with a comprehensive policy with the highest coverage limits, it’s not always feasible. Nevertheless, there are ways to get affordable car insurance New York without bargaining on your safety.

One way to go with this is to understand your coverage requirement. Set the coverage limits such that neither the coverage is inadequate nor the premium is too heavy on your pockets. Having said that, there’s a set of coverage limits set by the state of law that you must meet.

Minimum Legal Requirements For Affordable Car Insurance

The state law in New York requires that all motorists in New York present auto liability insurance register a vehicle. According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, the minimum liability coverage you have to carry is:

  • Property damage liability per accident – $10,000
  • Bodily injury and death per accident – $25,000 and $50,000, respectively
  • Bodily injury and death for more than one person per accident – $50,000 and $100,000, respectively

Moreover, you can also find local insurance agents to get the information on Affordable Insurance Agents North Carolina that provides useful guidance on car insurance.

do i need insurance to drive car off the lot

Do I Need Insurance To Drive Car Off The Lot?

YES! Also, getting discounts on your policy and making it affordable is pretty easy. Here’s what affects your premium:

Where’s your Car Garage? 

Your garage’s location and the places you frequently drive play a vital role in setting your premium. If the ZIP code you’ve provided to your insurer falls under the area with a higher population, more accidents, and so forth, your premium will automatically go up.

What’s your Gender for the Car Insurance? 

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, male drivers pay higher than female drivers. The reason is that the female drivers register fewer and less severe losses than the male drivers. Since premium rates are based on the average loss exposure of a particular group of people, male drivers naturally pay higher insurance rates.

What’s your Age Group to Apply for the Affordable Car Insurance? 

Young drivers get into accidents more often than old drivers. Therefore, teenagers pay higher rates. That also means that if you add a teenager’s name to your auto policy, you end up paying significantly more rates than otherwise.

Does your Car have Anti-Theft Feature to Get Affordable Insurance?

Installation of an anti-theft feature in your car may make you eligible for up to 25% discounts on your comprehensive policy. With this feature, you can keep your car safer and also enjoy premium savings.

How’s your Credit Score for Affordable Car Insurance?

Insurers check your credit score to determine the likelihood of you filing a claim. A good credit score reflects that you are responsible in your personal life. Therefore, pay your bills on time to keep your credit score high.

Many a time, you’re already eligible for discounts, and all it takes is for you to ASK for discounts to your agent. Get the most discounts from the reliable insurance carrier in New York to get affordable car insurance and doesn’t discount your safety. Get a quote for free today!  

Lastly, you can also get to know about how independent insurance works. You can find insurance agents to help you guide insurance marketing and you can also do marketing for insurance.

affordable car insurance
affordable car insurance